How much does it cost to attend EC Week?
Nothing. EC Week is funded entirely by donations and therefore is provided at no cost to camper families or caretakers.

Does every potential camper who applies get to come to Camp?
No, there is an initial assessment process that must be completed. EC Week’s Head Staff then processes the assessment forms to make sure that the camper is appropriate for Camp, and that the needs of the camper can be met by our volunteer staff. Space is also limited to approximately 170 campers each year. You can download and submit a Camper Assessment Form here.

Once a camper attends once, is he/she guaranteed to be invited again every year?
No. While many campers return to EC Week several times, EC Week’s Resident Director — with input from the Girls and Boys Division Heads — has sole discretion in which campers attend EC Week. Our first priority is to invite new campers and hardship cases. Our second priority is to invite returning campers who have not attended in a number of years.

I want to volunteer; how do I apply?
EC Week is a large extended family. New staff members must be sponsored by a current or former staff person. Two letters of recommendation, as well as a criminal background check are mandatory. Please email EC Week’s Resident Director if you would like more information about volunteering.

How old does a volunteer have to be?
All volunteer counselors and support staff must be at least 18 years of age. We do have a waiter staff of young men between 15 and 17 years of age. Applicants must be 15 as of the first day of Camp. All food is served at Camp “family style” by the waiters. If you need more information on becoming a waiter, please email EC Week’s Resident Director. All waiters must have a relative IN CAMP during EC Week.

I would like to make a donation of products for EC Week; should I just drop them off at Camp?
No, we ask that you email EC Week’s Resident Director prior to sending anything to Camp. We require advance notice so that we can determine if the product can be used, and also so that if we do need it, we can remove it from our list of things to buy.

Does EC Week have a flyer I could use to share with others?
Yes! Feel free to share our E.C. Week brochure.

Has EC Week been the recipient of any national award for the work it does?
Yes! We proudly accepted the Eleanor Eells Award in 2006.

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