Safe Archery, provides campers of all cognitive and physical abilities an opportunity to enjoy an archery experience like no other

Boat ride


With camp located on Lake Suncook, boating is a favorite for many campers. We have a small speed boat which seats six. We also have a catamaran known as the “Party Boat” which accommodates all campers including those in wheelchairs.

Speed boat


While we welcome campers and volunteers of all religious denominations, Camp Fatima is a Catholic camp. We celebrate Catholic Mass every day in outdoor settings around the camp grounds. Campers are encouraged to participate in the Mass whether singing in the folk group, bringing up the gifts and/or doing readings. Priests are also available throughout the week for spiritual guidance if requested.

Sensory Zone

Sensory Zone

The Sensory Zone, also funded by Friends of Fatima, offers sensory stimulation for campers who would benefit from this interaction. This tactile system processes input from the sense of touch. It is a therapy of play that offers fun for your camper. The Sensory Zone also offers noise-reduction ear muffs, full body suits, weighted blankets, water mats and quiet spaces.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts & Woodcraft

Arts & Crafts offers loads of projects at many levels to meet your camper’s abilities and dexterity. Campers can make art projects with paints, markers, crayons, beads, gimp, material and so much more. Campers can also work on specially-made wooden projects.


Rec Hall

Our Rec Hall supports camp-wide tournaments in Uno and Wii Bowling in which all campers are invited to paricipate. It also offers a myriad of activities at all levels. We have Wii bowling, miniature golf, books, puzzles, and games, and all sorts of fun things for campers to enjoy with their counselors.

Reading a book from the Rec Hall
The Spa


Campers can make an appointment for a mani, a pedi, getting their hair styled, or a shave. Massage is available for wheelchair campers. The ladies at EC Week Spa provide a relaxing experience for every client.

Anyone can ride a bike

Bike Riding

EC Week has a fleet of bikes for any camper. There is a side-by-side tandem, a bike with a wheelchair platform as well as a number of trikes for those campers and counselors who want to ride. Everyone wears a helmet.

Side-by-side tandem
Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Our horses are gentle and riding is staffed by a team of experienced riders and strong men who will help your camper onto a horse. There is a wheelchair-accessible ramp, built by EC Week volunteers and funded by Friends of Fatima. It is in place to bring campers level with the saddle. Anyone who rides wears a helmet. Some campers don’t want to ride. Feeding the horses with an apple or carrot is exciting, too.

Feeding a horse


“Shooters” is a carnival-themed rifle range. Always with safety in mind, campers enjoy using bb guns and aiming at a collection of targets such as pinwheels, old cans, old metal signs, and balloons. There are staff sharpshooters on hand at all times to assist the campers and their counselors. 

Shooters rifle range

EC Week Traditions

Flag Lowering

Flag Raising and Lowering

Cabins take turns raising and lowering the flag each day. All of camp attends this ritual after breakfast and after dinner.

Dance Party

Dance Party!

Tuesday at the end of Visitors’ Day a live performer provides music for a big camp dance. If it’s hot, water sprinkers set on the basketball hoops provide cool relief. Our campers love to dance!



Each year there is a street hockey game on the baskeball courts between the campers and the waiters. So far the campers are undefeated!

Camp Fire

Camp Fires

One night during the week, each cabin attends a camp fire for a sing-along and s’mores.

Sing along with Seth

Sing-a-long with Seth

Once a week Seth comes and plays pop tunes for all to sing along.

Touch a Truck

Touch a Truck

One afternoon area police, fire and other emergency agency bring their varied vehicles for the campers to explore.

Foam Party

Foam Party

Midweek the local fire department comes and creates a foamy playground as part of an all camp beach day.

Ice Cream SUndaes

Ice Cream Sundaes

Another tradition that occurs once in the week provides ice cream sundaes for everyone. Waiters will make it just the way each camper likes.

The Good Night Box


Campers, Counselors and Staff are able to write goodnight messages to each other. These Goodnights are read camp-wide each night before lights out.


The Dining Hall is a lot of fun. Campers may ring the dinner bell if they are first in line and they ask for the privilege. Waiters are teens who bring food to the tables which is served family style. They greet everyone coming into the hall with camp songs. The kitchen boys get into the act wearing costumes and lip syncing pop tunes while the food is being delivered. At the end of the meal we sing camp favorites while waiters clear before announcements.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining hall. Lunches are delivered to cabins. If a camper does not want to sit in the dining hall due to the crowd and/or noise, there are special quiet places to eat nearby. Special orders don’t upset us. Whatever your camper’s dietary needs or method of eating, we are prepared to serve them.

Dinner Bell
The Dining Hall
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